Photos: Tim Bowditch

Voracious Cunt


Voracious Cunt is an umbrella term for a collection of different research outputs including movement, painting and writing, also the beginning of a dialogue with academic Doran George.

These experiments look at invisible sexualities in society and western culture, particularly in older women, and penetration from physical and energetic perspective.

The performance piece titled, Inter-penetrating waves of energy constellating in time and space, has been performed at PS/Y symposium Hysteria and Art: Traumatic Coincidences (2017), Toynbee Studios Spectacular Evidence: Theatres of the observed mind (2017), Beyond Telepathy at Somerset House (2017), and Hotline curated by Sara Sassanelli and Jamila Johnson-Small (2017). 


Inter-penetrating waves of energy constellating in time and space looks at penetration from a vibrational and energetic perspective. This encompasses sexual penetration but more focused on energetic penetration. Through investigating with dancers methods on how bodies penetrate space and simultaneously how space penetrates bodies; the merging of spaces, flesh, substance and how we become porous with our environments. The idea of transference of energy is explored through vocal sounding and touch movement. 

Skull like a child's skull in your vast palm and turn into ectoplasm


Photo: Manuela Barczewski

Photo: Manuela Barczewski