Photos: Christian Kipp


Photos: Sylvain Deleu


Photos: Eftychia Vlacou



Performed at Modern Art Oxford, Somerset House for Block Universe 2015 and Love Letters to a (Post-) Europe curated by Lisa Alexander, Bios, Athens 2015

In 1994 Florence Peake had an experience of a ‘channeller’, a phenomenon where a person embodies a spirit, entity or personality from another space-time. Interested in the theatricality and physicality of ‘channeling’, Peake embodies responses; acting as a conduit between imagined and material place.  

In Voicings, the idea of collective is held as a resource - You, Me, Us are used as a way to access and articulate questions of personal, group and global concern. Voicings responds with un-cynical candour to questions of authenticity, the bogus and the real, truth and trickery.