Florence Peake and Eve Stainton's on-going project Slug Horizons explores the expressive potentialities of queer bodies through intimacy, touch and collective reclaiming. Promoting an emotional landscape of bravery in response to restrictive attitudes to the sensual and visceral body, Slug Horizons elevates the marginalised affection, sexuality, power and energies within non-normative relationships.

Using the work as a metaphor for non-monogamy, they pull on the absurd management of their relationship. A continuous physical and psychological negotiation unfolds to transverse complex relational terrain.

The duet Slug Horizons is being developed into an expansive body of work, Kneading Paradise, to include a group performance work, workshops, talks, queer lesbian focused club night.

Resisting hypothetical, futuristic longings, a liberated future lands now in our bodies. The present is kneading.

portal-deepest lover-mystery-yours, in mine-repulsion-science fiction-poundland vice- channel to deep sub conscious fuck-harbour of trauma-fresh water-rapids-I desireth- closet secrets-daddy gash-precious slut-sheela na gig-mouth of wisdom-slippy monster- samouri-sucking for more-soft pasture-eye for-crush you up-wet caffeinated-ungendered- private jet slag-for change pro choice-swallow universe-axe-stinking raging gagging needy-central station-crumpled wrinkly sag bucket-cradling soul-baby and giant-all of colour-paradise spirit-toxic rebel-evil toy-hole whole-Vagina mine.

Presentations / commissions at :

Mademoiselle at CRAC OCCITANIE, Sète, France 2018

My Wild Flag, Stockholm 2018

London Contemporary Music Festival (2018)

Faculty of Action, Stockholm 2018

Vogue Fabrics, London (club night) 2018

Splayed Festival at The Place, London 2018

Oxford Ruskin Building (performance symposium) 2018

Hayward Gallery, London 2018 

PS/Y's Hysteria programme (performance and workshops) 2018

Kinitiras Studio Athens (research performance) 2018

Royal Academy of Art, London (roundtable) 2017

Siobhan Davies Dance Studios (research) 2017